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In many cases, simple steps taken now can help ensure you live a long and healthy life. That is exactly why preventative visits such as annual physicals, well woman exams, and well child checks are so important. These visits are designed to assess your health, look for early signs of illness, and screen for conditions using evidence-based guidelines (guidelines that have scientific research supporting their effectiveness). 

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At your annual physical or well woman exam, Dr. Myrick will go over your diet and exercise habits, assess your cardiovascular health, discuss alcohol and tobacco use, review your current medications, perform a full physical exam, and offer routine labs including STI screening. Age-appropriate cancer screenings for cervical, breast, lung, colon and prostate cancer are also offered. Based on your age and immunization history, certain vaccines may be recommended such as the flu, pneumonia, or shingles vaccines. Click here for our adult vaccine schedule. For women, Dr. Myrick also reviews menstrual health, contraception, family planning, menopausal symptoms, and bone density screening as indicated. 

At well child checks, Dr. Myrick performs a complete physical exam and assesses growth parameters to ensure your child is growing well and meeting their developmental milestones. Screening for developmental disorders, hearing or vision problems, nutritional deficiencies, and risk factors regarding your child’s home or school environment are part of every visit. Dr. Myrick also provides an opportunity for parents to voice any behavioral concerns and offers age-appropriate recommendations to help you and your family thrive. For adolescents, Dr. Myrick dedicates private one-on-one time with your child to assess risk for bullying, mood disorders, sexual activity or abuse, and drug or alcohol use. Click here for our pediatric vaccine schedule

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Some additional preventative health services

offered include:

Body Measurements

Weight Loss Management: Since obesity is associated with numerous health conditions including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, managing your weight is extremely important to your overall health. Dr. Myrick can assist you in making lifestyle changes to promote weight loss, and in certain circumstances prescribe medications or recommend weight loss surgery if needed. ​

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Mindfulness/Meditation: Sometimes stress gets the better of us. Dr. Myrick can guide you through mindfulness techniques, relaxation strategies, and meditation practices to help you regain control of your life when you feel most out of sync.


Smoking Cessation: Tobacco use is linked to countless adverse health outcomes, but can be an extremely difficult habit to break without medical assistance. When you are ready to quit, visit Dr. Myrick to learn about the various smoking cessation plans that may work for you, including prescription medications that can assist in the process if desired. 


Sports Physicals: Similar to the well child check but focuses on determining whether your child is safe to participate in sports activities.


Medicare Annual Wellness Visits: Similar to the adult annual physical but offered specifically for Medicare patients. In addition to the standard annual physical, this exam includes assessment of risk for falls, depression, and memory problems, and also discusses advanced care directives. 


DOT Physicals: Coming soon! If you are a professional driver, your employer may require a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical to ensure you are safe to drive a commercial motor vehicle. Dr. Myrick will be offering this service very soon. Check back regularly for updates.

You deserve to maximize

your health to the fullest.

Schedule your appointment today and make the most out of your preventative health visit with Dr. Myrick!

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